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Cut People

by Cut Beetlez

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Silly DJs and MCs these days are in a wave of some wack craze I’m dissin' the jams ain’t def I can’t listen to these trap missions There’s no dap from this king on any wingin’ it please get a handle how ya bringin’ it and carry the torch before ya stuck with a fork physically Hypothetical’s dead from this peaceful dread think it’s funny, then repeat and review what I just said It’s the New Yorker, the fuse sparker Underground mic stalker, to kill it like a white walker Supporter since markers and spray cans, delayed plans Of bowing out, back on the stage where I made fans While you lace brands, in your Ray Bans tryin' to chase grands I’m in a no name in my lane with a game plan I’m a made man you foot soldier I could of told ya to slow ya roll before your 15 is over I’m gone
Bad News 02:21
Ooh I rhyme cool breeze like the rustle of the leaves in the trees it feels right to ya but got ya hatin and a fight to ya Sorry to hear you got a complex called bullshittin' I got tha goods like a camping trip to go-the-long, cause I'm runnin' like the rapids does I flow strong People that you know, that are good all day and got the quality that satisfies your effort to pay Heeey, here's a new thought, I've created a new sport That involves burning mumble rappers with Newports Forget what you thought or was taught to be quality Hold up, follow me Some of y'all are targeted by poverty and honestly you're a novelty and treated as somebody's property Curiosity kills cats who wanna test mine.. Clear! Flatline Ay yo, I spent more decades than I care to admit Splitting hairs on which word goes where when I spit But shit, you might as well give 110 and commit So guaranteed minds are blown while you pretend to be lit Bust the mic out the tool kit, that's bad news for you kid Dudes are used to my beats but today I'm on some new shit Who's this? Good Beetlez or the Cut People Whichever you choose, shits lethal Old school like medieval while pop goes the weasel But a new version, like the rock is to Vin Diesel Pleased to meet you, now allow me to ease through I'm not here to appease you I'm on a need to know basis, face it You need to know me cause I'm the dude you're replaced with You're basic, noticeably fake like a face lift Bring them cuts in and show em how you lace it
Then 02:13
Brothers wanna be number one brother New York like Ken Bannister but all ball paying like an outdated character You can’t be soft and claiming that you the challenger That get your days numbered like a calendar I heard you calm when I strike like the Graw with these heaters Killing all the notions that I got diabetes Listen, I’m sick for sure with the raw, that the haters try hard to ignore but live for Here for the real and this dish off deals that claim maniac with Jennifer Beal I’m dead serious A good person that’s cool like a fan but got the lightning on my chest when you call like Shazam You fucking up like a turnover late in the game so your fans turn on you and they’re cursing your name That’s how quick I flip from a fan to ass kick when you’re throwing me the rhetoric you need to quit It’s the Last of the flowhicans, amongst the slow speakin' We make joints you repeating for the whole weekend You need some soul seeking, careers are so fleeting 15 years in the game now with no cheating They say dude Saint got mad soul, recognise that asshole Because you couldn't hang if you was stars on a flag pole My clan rolls shallow, cause backup is not needed Not undefeated but we knock out the top seeded
Point 01:48
Ladies and gentlemen this fight is beginning without a challenger I’m fighting the world that brings beef I put the venom in Don’t need a middle man no asses and block any kind of progress I can’t relax like some kind of elevator music in a state of mind similar to I’m about to lose it I flow ill no chill a weak chaser I hit you in the gull then shift your pace maker Playing foul like a race baiter hits below the belt but it’s all legal when you representing evil I’m trying to see you in the foetal pose quick from your rhetoric Mis green thick bull shit and cause your friends to think again about reppin' you It’s sad to know you’re not really seeing what you’re stepping to Hey kid you’re a wrecking machine shots to the mid-section are clean now it’s time to connect with a haymaker they ain’t never seen When you hear that bell ringing you best to come out swingin' we not ready for the power that you bringin' My hate for you is so strong like Yankee fans look at the Mets so if you not a giant really then I think you should jet How many rounds you wanna spend like a record playin' for being homie the clown style I’m like graff out the mouth when I get to sprayin' but I hit your brain hard with the spit explaining its Emskee from the BKLYN dues are late bra it’s time to pay attention
100% Dis 02:28
You’re style is 1980 something my dude like no frills Thinking that you’re getting’ it poppin’ with no skills It mighta been cool then but now dated You talkin’ all that Jazz it’s it’s like ya Cal Tjaded , sedated Son come off a the cool and earn legendary ya flow comes off sweet it’s milk’n’ Frankenberry But All kidding aside I really hate you and everything you do and say now go away I dismantle amateurs elevate like bannisters The chancellor, running shit like a Lannister Influence like handlers, studying my technique I’m a private cat, what you know I let leak By next week I’m on some other shit, hold my oven mitts I bring the heat with bare hands, for the love of it Your like the government, out for self to stack cheese But watch your back cause dirty rats attract fleas
Wildest 01:38
What you gonna do when we come for you when you’re working so hard and we can’t ignore you you’re gonna run scared to get your life spared you say it’s not fair but you built this here Well well, looks like you decided to come down to Sun Down Central I reckon you think you can rhyme better huh? Well The Good People are the best pointed metaphor slinging outlaws on this side of a goddam simile. If we draw our weapons we spit some of the most ferocious bars you ever hear in your life What you gonna do when we come for you when you’re working so hard and we can’t ignore you you’re gonna run scared to get your life spared you say it’s not fair but you built this here You best to step back there friend, you ain’t from round here See, we’re here because the Cut Beetlez sent us to restore some order down here, ain’t that right Saint? Listen here partner were rough men used to rough ways And your softer than a stick of butter under the suns haze See you found yourself in a hole so I reckon you stop digging Cause your fitting to find yourself a mean dirt licking What you gonna do when we come for you when you’re working so hard and we can’t ignore you you’re gonna run scared to get your life spared you say it’s not fair but you built this here


released June 14, 2019


all rights reserved



Cut Beetlez Finland

Cut Beetlez are DJ/producer supersonic tag team of HP Lovescratch and DJ J-Man, keen to keep hip-hop innovative.

The pair dropped the praiseworthy ‘Droppin’ Needlez’ alongside Soundsci in 2017 and are here to rewrite headlines so that ‘Bad News’ travels fast.

Mixing disaster movie memes with bumping jazz-and-double bass beats and keeping boom bap as today’s top story!
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